Pet Sitting the Furgrandson

Photo taken by Kay

Photo taken by Kay

My furgrandson, Buck is staying the weekend whilst his mommy Kay, daddy Justin, and baby brother Marty are down in Sidney, Oktoberfesting with Uncle Jay. He was barking at the wind alot. Dave was outside and said he would also bark at my bedroom window. So I played some ball with him and gave him one of those left over steaks. He enjoyed that. We went for a walk down the road at 3:30 pm. He did well and did not drag me. I took him down to the bridge where the creek runs under. He really wanted to go investigate that creek. On the way back to the house he kept coming up to me all happy and jumpy. When we got back to the yard he didn’t want to chain up by BOB . He wanted to come in. I think he was looking for mom and dad and wanted to see if they were inside. He looked around a bit then I put him in his kennel with some water. He lapped it right up. He laid in there for a while then about 6:30 he started to whine. I took him on his leash for a walk around the house. He found one of Dave’s squash holes that had a fresh gopher mound in it and tried to dig it out. lol I had to give him a good tug to get him to continue the walk around the yard. We made it round to the back yard and he wanted in the back door. I said we needed to continue around to the front door to go in. He stopped at the big tree there and did his number 2 business. We came to the front door and he did well coming in the house with me. He had to run around the living room for a few seconds and I had to tell him twice to get in the kennel but he went. He was fine for about an hour. He was getting bored but now it was dark so no going outside. So I just covered up the cat food and shut the bedroom doors and let him loose . He went around sniffing, checking things out, swept the kitchen floor of crumbs and is now laying quietly on the floor beside me as I type this up. I will put him back in the kennel for the night just before I go back to my room for bed.

I Think It Is Full Now


I mentioned in a previous blog that we took a road trip to visit my father-in-law for his 89th birthday.

We were not driving BOB, he needs some maintainance done so he just drives to the ponds and back to the driveway.

We borrowed our son’s Ford Ranger for this trip.

I was crocheting on the blue hat with a floppy brim, when David says” OOPS!” I look up to see this.

The photo was actually taken on the way home.

I knew it was coming up this time so had time to get my ancient cell phone out to take a photo.

These guys were trying to salvage what they could.burst-grain-bin


Skrappy skarves pink berries1

I Finished Marty’s Jack O’ Lantern Blanket.

He loves it!



He was grabbing for it as soon as I walked in the living room.

I couldn’t wait 3 more weeks to give it to him on his birthday.

I gave it to him the day after I finished it.


I left a crochet piece border.

I also sewed all the up and downs and side to sides so that the fleece would not be sliding all around.

It gave it a nice quilted look and feel.

I was not to sure about how the finished product would look.

I don’t have the best sewing skills.

I am happy to say that I am quite proud of how well it turned out.🙂

The stats for the blanket. You can also see the beginnings , middle, and end of the crochet squares for the  blanket.

Project Name: Martin’s Jack O’ Lantern Blanket
Pattern Used: Double Diamond Baby Blanket by Bernat
How to Crochet a Solid Granny Square For Beginners YouTube Tutorial Video by Bella CoCo
Started on: 4 / 3 / 2016
Finished on: 9 / 20 / 2016
Hook Used: H/8 – 5.00 mm
Stitches Used: Single crochet and Double crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Wintuk 100% Virgin Orlon Acrylic Fiber 4 ply handknitting in 255 Burnt Orange
Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0312 Black and 0368 Paddy Green
Other Materials used : Grey Fleece Material and pinkish orange, and brown sewing thread.
Measurements: 36 inches long by 28 inches wide.

Skrappy skarves pink berries1

Two Hats on The Road

We were taking a quick over night trip to visit my father-in-law for his 89th birthday. I had the large floppy brim hat to work on for the drive. I know I could probably finish it before we arrived so I also got an ear flap hat started for me. I finally finished up the new hat with a large floppy brim as we pulled up in front of his house.

This is only the second one I have made with this pattern. It is all single crochet, except for the double crochet shells rounds. The shell rounds go fairly quickly, it’s all the single crochet rounds that take me forever. I would tend to get bored doing the single crochet rounds so the hat would get put aside for a week or so before I would pick it up again.


Stats for the Hat with the large floppy brim.

Project Name: Light Blue and Bon bon Print Hat with Large Floppy Brim
Pattern Used: Natural Colored Floppy Brim Hat By by Linda Cyr from Vogue Knitting

Started on: 9/6/2016
Finished on: 9/18/2016
Hook Used: G/6 – 4.25 mm
Stitches Used: Single Crochet and Double Crochet Shells
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0381 Light Blue and 0784 Bon bon Print
Measurements: Circumference of 21 inches. Crown to edge measures 10 inches when laid flat.
Brim measures 4 inches wide.
Size Made: Medium
List Price: $ 10.00

I decided to make myself an ear flap hat after I saw how cute the one I made for Marty turned out. I like purple and pink. I chose some small balls of purple, the mulberry mix variegated, a shade of pink from the several that I have, a dark greyish color called putty, and white. I worked on this one while we visited and I got the beanie part finished on the drive home the next day. I was tired when we got home road trips do that to me.So I put the flaps and ties on the following day.


Stats for the Ear Flap Hat.

Project Name: Purple Pink and Mulberry Mix Ear Flap Hat
Pattern Used: Crochet Rainbow Ear Flap Hat by Amy Lehman from Crochet Jewel
Started on: 9 / 18/ 2016
Finished on: 9 / 20 / 2016
Hook Used: I/9 – 5.50 mm
Stitches Used: Single crochet and Double crochet
Colors Used: Red Heart Super Saver accent 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0550 Bright Orchid, 0575 Hyacinth, 0361 Putty
Red Heart Super Saver 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 3972 Mulberry Mix
Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo 100% Acrylic 4 ply worsted weight in 0311 White
Measurements: Circumference of 21 inches. Crown to end of ear flap measures 10 inches when laid flat. Hat is 6 1/2 and ear flap is 3 1/2 inches.
Size Made: Teen

gardening feature photo

First SWEET Pepper!

Yippee, the sweet peppers are starting to turn!


David picked this one and two days later I picked one just like it.

There is another one starting to turn yellow it should be ready in another day or two.

I hope now they pick up the pace.

The weatherman is predicting our first freezing overnight low for October 4 th.

Capture blank cumpter hands

My Followers: How Active Are You?


I started going through My Followers List last month and today I finally finished.  I wanted to see how active all of you are. So I visited each one of you  to see when was the last time you posted. I broke the list down into eight different categories.

First up is the Mutual Category with 72 followers. You were placed in this category if we follow each other. Most of you in this category are pretty active and current in your postings.

The next two categories are for the year 2016.

January through June Category has 29 followers. These are the followers that your most recent post falls in this time frame.

July through Current Month Category has 77 followers. These are the followers that your most recent post falls in this time frame. Most of you in this category fall in the current month or last month. A few of these were businesses, Advertisements or Survey “blogs”.

The Inactive Category was for the 21 followers that their most recent post fell in the year 2015.

There were 10 No Link Category followers. These were blogs listed with no clickable link.

Expired Or For Sale Domains had 5 followers.

Four links when clicked took me to a NOTHING FOUND message page.

Finally 3 followers had Protected Blogs. These were blogs that you had to send them a request to become a follower of their blog, so I don’t know how active they are.

If I tally up Mutual followers and both 2016 followers categories,  178  of you are active followers.

Thanks for being my follower and stay active.😀




gardening feature photo

Three Blooming Gladiolus


I have had three more canes bloom this week.

I think they are all pretty, but the speckled purple one is my favorite.

I again apologize for the poor quality as I used my ancient cell phone camera.


The fist one is this simple but elegant yellow one.


The second one is a dark pink with a touch of white and purple in the center.


Last but not least is my favorite.

It is a dark purple with lighter purple edges with dark purple speckles.

The center has a touch of dark red and light pink.

Which one is your favorite?

gardening feature photo

Garden Flowers In a Vase


It has started to get cooler at night here. We have had a few nights in a row with the temps around 35 to 40 degrees for the lows. I thought I would bring in some of the flowers in to enjoy them in the house. I cut the pink gladiolus  for the center piece. It is the sixth one to bloom. There are four more canes, one is another pink one , a yellow one, and the other two are still growing out from the leaves. I then cut and arranged marigolds and  helichrysums around it. I enjoyed them for a couple of days then I took them over to my daughter on Wednesday so she could enjoy my pretty flowers too. I took this photo before I took them to her. I am sorry for the poor quality it was taken with my ancient cell phone.😀