Learning The Ins and Outs of Building this Website

I have been trying to get this website to look how I want it. It is taking alot of trial and error. The menu has been giving me the most trouble. I know where I want things it is just taking me awhile to figure out how to accomplish this. I now have a Review tab and a photo tab.The review tab will be for posting reviews of RV parks we have stayed at. Heck, I might even review other things, like a book or a movie. The photo tab is self explainitory. I finally got the proper widgets I wanted too. Which include the Blog Roll, a calendar, archive, and a follow me button. I will probably tweek it some more as I figure out what some of the other widgets do and if I want them. There is also the great possiblity that I will change to a different theme if this one doesn’t hold my appeal. Well that should do it for now. I need to reheat my soup as I let it get cold trying to build my site. 🙂

4 comments on “Learning The Ins and Outs of Building this Website

  1. Hi Arlene, Nothing better than being retired and being able to travel. Thanks for following my blog, Vegaswords.wordpress.com. (Moving Words) I love company. Maybe we will meet on the road some day. In the meantime, following is good.

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