I Fixed a Link and My Life Changing Diet

A couple of quick things. If you were trying to go to my poetry site through my blog roll I fixed it. When I entered it I didn’t realize I had put http:// in twice. Oops! Sorry about that. So I clicked all the rest of my links to make sure they work and they do.

before and after lchfAs I briefly mentioned in my post “And So It Began” I started a diet that helped me go from 167 pounds to 137 pounds. I had already given up drinking soda before starting this diet and was not eating any breads or pasta. My daughter (this is her blog page http://terracanyon.wordpress.com ) found this diet, she was the one who introduced me to it. The hardest part for me was staying away from cakes, pies, candy, and cookies. I loosely followed it for about 3 months. Then I buckled down and the weight started to come off.  My arms lost their flabby wings. When I sit down there is actually space between my thighs. My face is thinner and my double chin is gone. The weirdest thing is that the weight came off my calves and worked up my legs first. The belly fat is the last to go. This has greatly reduced the pain I have from my hips. I also don’t suffer from restless leg syndrome at night anymore. And my skin is clearer and my hair is healthier, it grows like crazy. It also helped get rid of my nasty thick toenail.  It is great to actually feel hunger, eat, and be full. It is not like before when I would just wander around eating just to be eating. I never had that actual “hungry feeling” feeling.

I didn’t do any kind of special exercise program. Just my normal routine at work. Which involved walking up and down the hallways a lot. I would leave my housekeeping cart in the middle to add to my walking distance. I guess that  was  my extra exercise.

I hope you will find this helpful if you are wanting to lose some weight and improve your health.

What are your thoughts? :D

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