The Daughter Speaks

Well hello Blogging World!

It seems I have been recruited back to the world of blogging. I let my own blog fade into The Dark Abyss of Things the Internet Forgot.

I may attempt a reprise in the near future. But the cobwebs are thick and the vortex is strong. It is possible I could create a rift in the fabric of space/time in my attempts. I heard of a book that one can use to revive what is dead, but you have to say the words just so. And my memory isnt the best.

So here is me dipping my toes for the first time in about three years.

I’m the daughter. I work in a small screen printing shop doing graphic design and printing t-shirts. I luke to read, write, and even sometimes draw. I love movies and pop culture. I have a retarded sense of humor. I am married to a wonderful man who shares a lot of my quirks and tolerates the rest. We have a hoise and two demon spawn (cats, not children)

Expect witty comentary and complete randomness from me.

And maybe the occasional food porn.

I dunno.

Forguve my lack of substance. Im rustier than the tin man on a foggy london morning.

I haven’t had enough coffee yet (another of my obsessions) Im posting from mobile, and it is almost time for work.

Mom. You invited me to join, so here I am. Fair warning. You may have created a monster.

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