Crocheting There and Back Again

Crocheting has been an on again, off again hobby for me. My first memory of crocheting is my Aunt Hulda teaching me to crochet circles when I stayed with her for a summer between the ages of seven and nine. I did not continue once I went home. The next time I picked up some yarn and a hook was when I was around 12 or 13. I attempted to make an afghan for my dolls. They turned out looking like tornado funnel clouds. I went looking through my keepsake tote. I found a funnel afghan, but no circles. I was sure I still had one of the circles. I didn’t want to pull everything out. You know how it is, I would have never gotten all back in to fit the same way. So with those attempts looking so pitiful, boys,high school years, working,and raising my daughter I laid down my hook and yarn for many years.

This is the doll afaghan.

This is the doll afghan.

My next attempt came when my mom brought a bunch of yarn and my daughter recieved a beginners crochet booklet from her Aunt Maria for Christmas. Well she took to it pretty well. She understood all that yo over the hook lingo. So she was able to re teach me. We discovered that I never added the extra loop for when you turn the article to go back the other direction. So now I don’t make tornado funnels. So during this period I made several items. I crocheted during the winter months, because spring,summer, and fall were busy with fishing, gardening and other outdoor activities. It is just too hot to have an afghan on your lap in the summer.

In the fall of 2002 I returned to the working world as a hotel housekeeper. All the wiping,lifting, and folding when I was in the laundry at the hotel made my hands cramp and hurt when I tried to crochet. So I left two projects undone. My son’s afghan for his twin bed and another queen sized afghan.
I changed jobs in 2009 but it still required a lot of wiping so my hands would still cramp when I tried to crochet. I did manage to work on my son’s afghan a bit. I had found a pattern for a winter scarf in a booklet. It looked simple enough and it would not require a lot of time. I did change it a bit to accommodate my level of crocheting skill. I can’t do all those fancy popcorn, shell, or zig zag stitches. So I figured a way to just use single and double crochet stitches. Making scarves lasted about 2 winters.

One of my first scarves. This is my son's.

One of my first scarves. This is my son’s.

So here we are this winter. I have retired and changed my diet so my hands feel pretty good. I have picked up my yarn and hook again. My hands still cramp up a bit but not like they did in the past. I can crochet for a couple of hours rather than just 15 minutes before they start to cramp up. I have finished my son’s afghan. It looks so nice on his bed. It made me feel good that I had finally finished it. I am now working on the queen size afghan. I will give that to my daughter and son-in-law.

I will also make some scarves. I think I might build an inventory of them to sell on Ebay next winter. So I might be crocheting in the spring and fall. A scarf is not big enough to cover your whole lap so it won’t be hot.

So keep warm this winter and yo over that hook.

What are your thoughts? :D

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