Kingman, Chino Valley, and Cleater, Arizona Facebook Posts

A few photos on the road to Kingman.

October 25

We have made it to Kingman Arizona. We are at a nice RV park here. I have posted several more pics to the going south 2014 album. I will not add a status right now as I took so long to do the pics. Just look at them and they will tell you mostly what we have been doing. I might post more in the morning if I have time before we head out again in the late morning. Oh I forgot to mention it took us an hour and a half to drive 12 miles to this RV park. They were doing road construction both lanes of the east bound I-40 were backed up for all that. So it was like very slow going. I will never complain about road construction around Chadron again! At least I found a good oldies station on the radio to jam through the traffic jam. lol

october 26
Well we got all ready to go this morning and when David started the RV it was making more horrible squealing noises then before. So we decided to stay here another day until we get it all straightened out. I don’t mind it is a nice little park. I will now go post some pics to show you around the place.

October 27

We left the Rv park in Kingman. Made it to an Autozone in Chino Valley, Az at about a quarter till noon. Got some new belts for the RV. We got them changed out by 1:38pm. Continued on down the highway. Stopped at a really cool rest area called Sunset Point Rest Area. We made it into Rock Springs, Az found two of the gold claims but could not get the RV in to either one. Stayed in a parking lot behind the 76 station, Bed and breakfast and cafe for the night.

October 28

Made it to another claim site by Cleater, Az. I called this the Bullet Shute Site. Again the Rv would not make it down to the actual claim so we camped up top. David  walked down to the claim twice. THe first time was to see if RV would make it. He said that the RV wouldn’t, he said I probably could make it down but coming back up was really steep. Steep climbs still bother my hip. So he went down a couple of days later, he said it was to quiet and creepy by himself so he came back up. He did run into one of the local residents. A big brown tarantula spider!!!! He got a pic of it on his cell phone. We spent a few days here and decided to head else where on the 1st.

See more photos of Sunset Rest Area , Rock Springs and Cleater Arizona in the photos tab.

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