A Broken Wing

David found this cocoon late in the fall. It was laying on the steps. He showed it to me. I placed it in the glass jar that already had a caterpillar in it.


The cocoon

The cocoon

Yesterday(December 26) I happened to glance at the jar and noticed somthing fluttering at the top. I picked up the jar for a better look. This is what I saw.

The butterfly.

The butterfly.

At first we just thought his wing had not unfurled and dried yet. I checked on him this morning and it is still the same. So he must have been damaged during his metamorphisis. When David gave me the cocoon it seemed small and dry.

The butterfly’s good wing is very pretty. Maybe that is why the wing is messed up he came out early and he wasn’t done metamorphisising. David says it may also have been because the cocoon was lying down instead of attached to something to stand it up.  It is too bad it came out of its cocoon right after we had a snow storm and next week is gonna be below freezing.

The caterpillar in the jar, cocooned himself also. He is still in his cocoon, maybe he will actually wait until spring to emerge.

What are your thoughts? :D

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