Ebaying, Crocheting, and Frost, Oh, My!!! updated 3/8/2015

We have been selling books and videos on Ebay quite well this year so far. Sold 22 items in January and so far this month we have sold 6. Four of those sold on the 1st. It would be great if sales would keep up at this rate. The book shelves are starting to thin out.

I finally sold one set of my china after relisting it for over a year. I now have the second unopened set listed. I hope it doesn’t take as long to sell as the first set did. The set  contains 4 cups, 4 saucers, and 4 plates. The dishes are listed on my Ebay. Arlene’s Ebay Listings in the Blogroll.

I am currently working on a holder pouch for my crochet hooks.(the rainbow pouch is now finished)  I was finally able to get some new used yarn at the Senior Center Garage Sale ( which I call the little store). I got 32 skeins for $ 8.10. Most of it is Christmas Reds and Greens. So I have all year to get some Christmas theme things crocheted.

Pretty rainbow hook pouch.

Pretty rainbow hook pouch.

David has been keeping the Ebay stuff listed. He has also been doing research into open flame space heaters and on demand propane water heaters for BOB the RV. He has also been bouncing around ideas how he wants to redo the bathroom in BOB. He thinks we should take out the bathtub and small vanity sink and replace it with just a large sink and storage. The large sink idea came about because he wants to be able to clean the huge catfish we plan on catching. The kitchen sink is a two small double sinks and the bathtub would be too low and not much room in the bathroom as it is. Also we would be able to wash our hair in a large sink and fill it up to take “sponge baths”  until we got somewhere with showers. I think that will work .

So now we have a plan just have to wait for the weather to warm up to start the demolition. After that we can start purchasing materials. Shop around and get some good deals. I will keep checking the local radio station’s swap shop page. Who knows when a nice sized used sink or other materials will show up.

What are your thoughts? :D

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