All Caught Up in Stitches

Yesterday was a  trying day in my crocheting endeavors. I tried to make a cover for my Kindle Keyboard ereader that you could still see the screen. Well it turned out to be a fail. So I tore it apart. Will put the yarn to another use. I  got that torn apart and went back to working on a scarf that I am using a new stitch on. The stitch is single crochet, chain one, skip next chain, single crochet in the next chain. I keep losing count and have to pull out the row. It probably didn’t help much that I kept nodding off while I was working on it last night. The rows are supposed to be 28 stitches I either had 27 or 29 sometimes. I swear I pulled that same row out at least 3 times.Then I decided it was probably wise just to put it away and turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Blue and Sparkly White Scarf

The blue and white scarf I am working on. Single crochet, skip, single crochet stitch. I found the actual pattern. Pattern found in the following Ebook One Day Crocheting Projects: Over 15 Fun & Quick Crochet Projects Taylor, Elizabeth (2014-12-12) (p. 48). Kindle Edition.

So today I decide to try a totally new stitch that I found in “Crochet Stitch Gallery: A Step by Step Visual Guide to 35 Stitch Patterns” by Tara Cousins (Tiger Roads  Crafts) that I downloaded on to my KINDLE KEYBOARD ereader. It is called The Wavey Stitch in Two Colors. I used my pink and purple yarn scraps. I made a nice 8 inch by 7 1/2 inch placemate doily thingy. You are actually supposed to alternate between 2 colors.. I just kept going until I ran out of a color. As you can see in the photo. I would get so excited that I got the right count at the end of each row.  I think I might make a scarf using this stitch at some point. I found it to be fun a fun stitch.149 The Placemat


What are your thoughts? :D

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