I Have Been Crocheting Hats

Well I was getting frustrated with that scarf again. It just keeps wanting me to continually pull out rows! So I made a couple more coin/ cell phone pouches. I finished those rather quickly.


I have been wanting to try to make something by using in the round crochet instead of rows. I had some written patterns from several different sources,but they confused me. I wanted just a simple beanie hat to start with. I learn better if I see the actual thing being done. So I decided I would check out Youtube.

I found this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35I6IiQE7rg        by Kris Hopper.  This is for a double crochet beanie.

She was very easy for me to follow along. This is my first beanie I made after watching her video. I added the little flap of yellow myself because it didn’t cover my ears, but I didn’t want it coming down over my eyes. I hate getting ear aches. My ears are sensitive to these cold Nebraska winds.

Well that turned out ok for my first attempt and I even added my own little flap to it. In looking it over I realized I missed a few steps so I went back and reviewed the video a couple of times. So with my confidence boosted I set out to make another hat. On this one when I got to the rounds that would make up the sides of the hat I didn’t use the double crochet stitch I used a single double alternating on same row stitch and I used some Mexicana rainbow variegated yarn for 4 rounds. I then switched back to the solid tan color for the last 3 rows. I still had both colors attached to the piece so I added an extra row of single crochet using both strands of yarn. I think it turned out pretty.  I liked it so much that I went straight on to another one using  a solid peach color and Confetti rainbow variegated color I like this one too. I will be putting these two on Ebay in March.

Well now my hat making juices are really flowing. I want to try something a little tiny bit harder. I go looking through hat patterns on several websites. I come across this pattern on allfreecrochet.com Fast and Easy Crocheted Summer Hat with Brim.  http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Caps-With-Brims/Fast-and-Easy-Crocheted-Summer-Hat-with-Brim

It took me a couple of days to do this one. You use a 3.75 mm hook so very tiny work. I used the color Bone for my main color and pink camo for the “hat band” and the little flower. The flower was an addon by me. The hat looked plain even with the pink camo band so I made my first attempt at making a flower. I pulled it out about 3 times until I got it to look right. That is my next video lesson, to find how to make flowers. It was not the best flower, but it worked for me. I sewed it on slightly to the left front of  my hat with a little flower bead button to jazz it up.

I wore my hat  when we went to town this morning even though it is a summer hat it kept the Nebraska winter wind from my ears. While we were shopping in Dollar General a lady costumer said that she liked my hat. I told her that I made it myself. She replied, ” Oh, it is beautiful!” That made me feel happy.

I got so many ideas going through my head I don’t know which one to do first. I  want to make some tote bags. I have found  a nice simple pattern  to try. I also want to try some slippers. Maybe some mittens after I get use to doing rounds better.

What are your thoughts? :D

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