Two Bags and Crocheted Pony Tail Holders

The first bag is a small hand bag. I found this pattern in one of my crochet books that I downloaded “Use Up Leftover Yarn: 12 Free Crochet Patterns for Scrap Yarn, Plus One Skein Wonders” The pattern was called “Half Skein Purse”
By Susie J. from

I chose a yarn color I call dusty rose-pink because I got this yarn at a used store. It was already wound into balls so there was no label with the color name. The trim is an off white cream color. I used both colors to make the button and the handle by using a strand of each together. I also used some plastic canvas pieces to reinforce the bottom and sides of the hand bag. The button loop is not exactly centered but it still works. The button was supposed to be smaller. I used another flower pattern for the button.

The second bag was made by using a pattern I found on it was developed by Tamara Kelly at

I have a bunch of Christmas Glitter yarn that I got at a used store. I thought I could use this yarn and pattern to make Christmas gift bags. So I used this pattern making two plain backs instead of the heart front one. I used Christmas Glitter red for the body of the bag and Christmas Glitter green for the trim. The handles were made by using two strands of Christmas Variegated Sparkle crocheted together.

While I was brushing my hair yesterday in the bathroom I saw a pony tail holder lying on the vanity. This idea came to me. I am always making loops to start crochet items. Why not crochet around that plain old black pony tail holder to jazz it up a bit. I could even attach a crocheted flower to it too. I had two packets of flat plain black pony tail holders in my vanity drawer. I just did the two for now just to see if my idea would hold hairs as I had to finish up the Christmas gift bag.

What are your thoughts? :D

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