Sully Gets A Beanie Hat


I was on Facebook the other day, looking at comments on my post about not selling things on Ebay. One of those comments was from a friend asking if I could make a Rasta beanie hat for her dog. I told her I could give it a try. I would need to do some searching for a pattern. I asked what size her dog was. She said he was a medium size. She said she could measure him to be  sure of his measurements. I said that would be ok. She also said that I had plenty of time as it was not cold yet.

So I spent some time looking for patterns. I could not find any that I liked. I was mostly looking at pictures of dogs with hats, but it gave me ideas how I could work my own. I mean all beanies basically start out the same. It just is a matter of color choice and how large you need it.

So I am in my bedroom working on a market bag,Sully(my cat) is laying at my feet on the bed. I look at him for a time thinking how I could make a beanie. So I got started. I used G hook which is 4.25 mm. I used a magic circle with 10 double crochets. I then did increasing rounds until I had reached 40 stitches around. Then I double crocheted around making two chain spaces for his ears and then 2 more rounds of double crochet to finish off the beanie. I tried it on him it fit pretty good but he would lay his ears down and the beanie would fall off and he would attack it. So I thought it needs a chin strap maybe that will keep it on better. So I joined some yarn on the edge of beanie did 4 half double crochets back and forth in rows until it reached the other side of beanie. I did two rows of double crochets on the end. I sewed a button on the opposite side and the double crochet acts as the button-hole.

I tried the beanie on Sully again. He managed to get off again, but it took a little longer. He still had to attack it. The beanie is now being modeled by my husband’s stuffed white tiger that sits on his dresser.

Maybe I could send it to my brother for his small dog, Homer.  🙂

My Brother's Dog, Homer. Photo by Angie.

My Brother’s Dog, Homer. Photo by Angie.

What are your thoughts? :D

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