Pheasants in the Phield

We live in the country surrounded by a horse pasture. So it is not unusual for all manner of wild critters to come close to the house.  Last month we had the great opportunity to see a ring-necked pheasant rooster. He was at the end of the driveway next to the garden area next to the built on storage shed. I got these three photos of him.

A week later my son was going for a walk he got to the end of the driveway that goes out on to the country dirt road and he sees the rooster coming out of the field. My son decides to follow. The rooster crosses the road into the greenway between the country road and the state highway. He discovers that the rooster has a lady friend. He filmed it with his camera.  He showed the film to David and I when we got back from town.

This morning David says that the rooster is out in the horse pasture again. I go to the window and look. I see a pheasant running about. Dave comes over beside me and points out a different one. I was watching a hen and he pointed out the rooster. A few minutes go by I decide to look out again to see if they are still there. I see three pheasants this time. The rooster has two lady friends. Seeing that they were going to be in the field for a little while I got my camera. I took one photo through the bedroom window. It was a bit blurry so I stepped carefully out the side door onto the porch. I slowly walked across the driveway to stand behind the car. I took some photos of the rooster strutting around. I did get one photo of a hen. The hens were running around chasing whatever they could find, but the rooster just took his time. Like I said he was just strutting.

We have lived here since 2007 and this is the first rooster that has made several visits to our neighborhood. We think it would be so neat if they decide to settle down to nest. It would be cool to have a flock of little pheasants running around. Even though by the time they hatch all we would see as evidence that they are out there is moving grass when the wind isn’t blowing.

We also have wild turkeys that frequent the pasture, yard and driveway.

The pheasants could help the turkeys control the bugs and grasshoppers in the garden this summer. The turkeys can also take care of mice. Turkeys are like little  valasiraptors. They look pretty scary when they come running at you at full speed looking for that corn you use to throw out the year before. They come up to just above your knees and if they should decide to start pecking… OUCH would not cover it. We quit throwing corn out for the turkeys because they were making messes everywhere and getting on the sunflower bird feeder for the song birds. We got tired of having a poop deck. But they still remembered and when they saw people the came running.

Ok then. I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my country bumpkin life.  😀

What are your thoughts? :D

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