Today’s Fishing Report.

We went over to the ponds again this morning. The wind was blowing a good piece. David caught several bluegill today. I caught two blue gill. I called it a day after about 40 minutes. The wind was just too much I was getting an earache even though I had my hoodie up covering my ears.

I got one photo today. A female  turkey flew over me and landed across the pond from me. She came to the water’s edge to get a drink. She then walked back up to the road. She came back down the bank at a different spot and got another drink. About 15 minutes later I hear a crow just carrying on. I look up to see that the crow is chasing the turkey across the sky. Turkeys are not so scary to a pissed off crow protecting its territory.

A turkey came down to the water across the pond.

Well Dave called it a day about 25 minutes after I did. We came home. Dave got on the computer and I decided to start spring cleaning the RV. I took down curtains, removed the bedding and wiped down walls and counters. Will finish this post up and get back at it. 🙂

What are your thoughts? :D

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