OMG! The Internet is Down!

Whatever Shall We Do!

The internet was down most of the day, yesterday it came back up after 5pm. I was ok with that. I spent all day crocheting and watching ” Xena: Warrior Princess” I have the first 3 seasons on dvd. Also it was another cloudy,windy, coldish day for May. So staying in bed all toasty in the blankets, crocheting , and watching dvds is not such a bad thing. 🙂

When I got up at 6:30 it was all sunny, with some dark gray clouds to the south, and a gentle breeze. I decided to hang out the sheets I had washed the day before. I hung the sheets came back in and started cooking breakfast. Well by 7:06 those clouds had moved north and the breeze had become a wind. I thought, well as long as it is not raining the sheets should dry. I went to check on them around 9:00 they were still wet like when I first hung them up. Was not raining but the humidity was to high for even the wind to dry them after 2 hours. So I brought them in and put them in the dryer.

This is what I accomplished in my crocheting. I was able to finish a wide-brimmed, floppy hat. The pattern I  used Natural Colored Floppy Brim Hat By by Linda Cyr of Vogue Knitting  I used the instructions for the large size. As you can see in the pic of me it is a bit large on me. If I had my glasses on it sits right on top of them.

I then started a new beanie. It is a new pattern for me. It  is a granny square style pattern.

Rainbow Beanie
By: Revlie Schuit from REVolution

Pattern used Rainbow Beanie By: Revlie Schuit from REVolution

Dave was a little bummed about the internet being down. It was “Triple Coin Tuesday” on his Castle Age game. He found the Kindle and spent his day reading on the couch and listening to the radio. When the internet came back up Dave was doing his Castle Age until after midnight. He did get a lot of reading done though. I checked the Kindle when he got on the computer, he had cleared out several titles. He is a fast reader. 🙂

P.S. After posting this I got a notification that  it is my 50th Post !!! Whooo! Yippee! New Trophy on the Case!

Capture 50 posts.

What are your thoughts? :D

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