Golf anyone?

I have made the hat for it.

I crocheted another granny square beanie but it took a left turn somewhere. The first one I made seemed a bit snug so this time I added 4 more sets of 3 double crochets to the crown. As I started the sides it looked like I would have to crochet way to many rounds. It just looked way to big now. But instead of ripping it out I decided I would do a single crochet around the last set of 3 round. It was still too big looking so I did 4 rounds of double crochet which I decreased until the round contained 60 stitches.

I tried it on it fit better like all the other beanies. It looked like a beret. It also reminded me of those funny golf hats with the pompom on top. So I made a pompom for the top.

So what do you think? I told you it took a left turn.   🙂

17 Granny Golf Beanie Hat

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Rainbow Beanie By: Revlie Schuit from REVolution

What are your thoughts? :D

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