I like Cars.

The Purple Plymouth is the feature image because purple is my favorite color.

I also made this gallery a page under my PHOTOS TAB of the menu. I also added a gallery called “Cars I See on the Street.” so check that one out under the PHOTOS TAB too.

Here in our town they have a gathering of old classic cars. I attended it in 2014. There were lots of cool cars. I don’t know all the makes and models but I know a thing of beauty when I see it. When it comes to old cars I don’t care about whether it is a Ford, Chevy, Buick , Dodge , or Pontiac. It just has to be a cool old classic car. It also should be older than the late 70′ s to qualify as an old classic car to me. Some of the cars there were these new retro cars. There were a couple of Mustangs and Camaros. No pictures were taken of them as I think they are ugly.

I apologize to any auto enthusiast if I have mislabeled any of these. I did not say what they were if I was unsure.

Classics in the Park

July 12,2014

What are your thoughts? :D

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