My Camera

I had a little Vivtar camera that could be used as a web cam. My son liked to borrow it to make stop motion movies of his Bionicle figures. Well he borrowed it for quite some time and in the process broke the battery compartment cover and something else. So he returned it to me all duct taped up. I said since he broke it all up he owed me a new camera. So I went comparing cameras on I finally found one that fit every thing that I wanted in a camera. The biggest thing on that list was it had to have a removable rechargeable battery, so I would not be buying batteries every other day. Well this little beauty fit my needs. Here is the link to its Amazon page.

It is  a Canon PowerShot A4000 IS Digital Camera. It has digital zoom and 8x optical zoom. 16.0 Megapixels, and a 3.0″ LCD screen.Initially I picked the touch screen model. My son and I were in our local Wal-mart about a week before Christmas of 2012 so I reminded him he still owed me a camera. So we decided to see if they had this camera. Well they did have the model I wanted but  without a touchscreen. I decided it would probably be better for me so I would not be messing up pictures by touching the screen accidentally changing some setting. So he bought it and a memory card. I love it. It is simple for me to use. I am satisfied with the pictures and videos it takes. I guess the only complaint I have is when I take photos outside I have to kinda guess cause you can’t see the screen to well. But I think I do alright even then getting what I want in the picture. Oh, by the way my son liked mine so much when he was helping me learn how to use it, he bought himself a similar model.

Yes, all my photos and videos posted on Our Retired Life were taken with this camera. It is a regular little work horse.  Well except the picture of the camera, it was taken with my cell phone. 😀

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