Stopped Raining!!


All the rain sure greened up the lake.

Well it stopped raining finally. Yesterday it was windy so that helped dry things out a bit. Weatherman said it would be 70 today so after we got back from town grocery shopping WE WENT FISHING!!

Things started out promising as David caught this nice bass. We had to release him though he was under the size limit. He was about 11 inches and they have to be 15 inches at our ponds to keep them. No fish dinner tonight. As David was reeling this in I had a bumblebee land on my shirt sleeve. She would not fly away either. I did not want to get to pushy with her though I didn’t want her to sting me. David has been stung by a bumblebee he says it hurts like crazy. I hate it when I get stung by a wasp so I can imagine what I would do with a bumblebee sting. David finally came over and flicked her off my arm after he released the bass.I thought of taking a picture of her AFTER David had flicked her off.

David's 11 inch bass.

David’s 11 inch bass.

So we are both back to fishing and David is catching some really nicely colored bluegills. I had a couple of nice hits but I miss them. Darn little buggers are playing with me and stealing my worms. I stay patient and persistent and finally reel  a nice little tiny perch in. I have just caught David’s bait for his bottom fishing pole.   🙂

We continue fishing and we are both now catching some bluegills. I am sitting enjoying the day when out of the corner of my eye I see movement. I turn my head to see what it was. I do the thing where  I swallow my tongue as David says. It was a 3 and a half-foot BULL SNAKE !! After I realized it was not a rattler I calmed down. Then I am oh I should get a photo. So I go chasing after it. He must have been camera-shy cause he took of into the brush where I couldn’t get a shot of him.

The clouds started to move back in. The weatherman said there could be severe thunderstorms this afternoon. We decided to call it a day when the clouds behind us gave a mighty rumble. So all in all another enjoyable day at the ponds. We brought home three little bait fish and put them in our stock tank. Now David has bait for the next fishing trip.  🙂

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