The Motivation Continued

right on inside to the housework yesterday!


When I had finished doing all the outdoor chores for the day, I came inside and started on the housework. I had already started with the laundry so I moved on to doing the dishes. After that came the vacuuming. I did all the rooms but didn’t think you needed a photo of each one. Please take the dishwashing poll at the end of this post.  😀



I also used this motivation to switch the screen in my bedroom windows. I rearranged my bedroom a while back so now I have access to the west window. This is where some nice cool breezes could come in but my bed was in front of this window and the headboard blocked it.  I didn’t want to spend another summer with my room being a toaster oven. Anyway the south window had a screen, but the west one didn’t. So I removed the screen and put it in the west window. I don’t need the south one open. I can keep it closed and not let in all the heat from the sun during the day. While the west one can be opened now and let in those cool breezes.


What are your thoughts? :D

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