Monday thru Friday in Photos


I finished this beanie this week. I used the Quick and Easy Double Crochet Beanie Pattern By Kris Hopper

I did alter it some. The wide rainbow stripe is an alternating single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch on the same round.

The rainbow edge is *3 sc crochets in one stitch then sc crochet in next 3 stitches*  repeat around.

I used a I/9 or 5.50 mm hook. Colors are 3862 Jade Redheart Super Saver and 950 Mexicana Redheart Wintuk.

The beanie measures approximately 7 inches from crown to edge. The circumference is approximately 21 inches. This beanie is a bit snug on me, so I will list it as a teen/ small women’s size.


We also did some fishing at the city ponds on Monday. These were the two very nice rock bass I caught. I out fished David this day.

Wednesday evening we had a hail storm. The stones were about marble size. The wind blew pretty good too. The next morning I noticed a robin hanging out on the ground in the driveway. I then noticed the little baby she was going over to feed. The poor little thing got blown out of his nest. He is not quite ready for flying he just hops about. Mom has been taking care of him well. I found him resting this afternoon under the clothes line trees  when I went out to bring in my laundry. I was about five feet from him I used my zoom. He just sat there quietly while I took down my laundry. Yesterday I came upon him while I was weeding a flowerbed around the deck. I almost petted his head reaching for some weeds. I shooed him off over in to the grass. I kept my eye on him while I finished doing my outside work. His mom came to feed him a couple of times while I watched.

What are your thoughts? :D

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