Classics in the Park July 18, 2015 Wilson Park Chadron, Nebraska


I attended the Classics in the Park Car Show again this year. There were a lot more cars. I also remembered to take pictures of the Stat Sheets so I would get all the names, year and models. I don’t know them all. I am not one of those people who can tell the year,make, and model by just looking at the headlight. LOL  I just like beautiful old cars. I did not get the stats for a few of the cars as they had not posted their stats yet when I was going around. So some of them were my best guess. Please feel free to correct the ones I was not sure of in a comment I like to gain new knowledge. I also added a short video to MY VIDEOS tab of the 1923 Ford  Model T with its engine running. It is called “I love the Rumble!”

What are your thoughts? :D

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