A New Garden Visitor


This is the new garden visitor that Dave saw near the strawberry patch this morning. Dave came in the house and said, “Get your camera and come outside there is a garter snake.”

So outside I went. Dave had to locate it again so he could show me. I manage to get one shot of his body and a shot of his head. There was just too much vegetation for any clearer shots. We did not want to mess with him too much as garter snakes of this size, he was about 3 feet long, can be aggressive and bite. They are not poisonous, but it will smart a bit. If it would have been smaller I would have picked it up as they are pretty mellow. Sometimes the smaller ones get aggressive but their bites are just like a little pinch.

Here are some photos of Dave and my daughter playing with a smaller one, 8 to 12 inches. These are from about 2004.

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