Friday Night Fish Fight!

In this Corner we have David!

Weighing in at five feet and 9 inches,

220 pounds!

cropped dave bykrazy k

In the other Corner we have Catfish!

Weighing in at 23 inches

and 4 pounds 10 ounces!


David is in the boat he checks all lines they are slack.

Except for one it is tight.

He picks it up, the tension continues. He reels and jerks!

Yes, folks he has set the hook!

The bout is on.

David pulls up, his drag is zipping.

He lets the pole tip drop.

Oh, now Catfish takes his lead!

OH! MY ! Just look at him dive!

Yes, Yes he is headed back down to the bottom!

David gets his second wind.

He brings the tip up once again!

He is reeling like mad!

He has Catfish near the surface!

Now wait folks Catfish turns tail!

He is doing it again, he is making a dive for the bottom!

Well David is having none of that.

He grips the fishing pole with a fierce look of determination.

He is reeling for all he is worth.

Catfish give one last feeble attempt to dive.

David has catfish on the Boat.

And your Winnerrr!!!



(Removal From Pond)

What are your thoughts? :D

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