Monday’s Fish Tally

We went fishing yesterday. We decided to try some late afternoon/night fishing.

We arrived at the ponds at about 3:30 pm.

We set about trying to catch small bluegills to be used as bait fish.

Well those little buggers were quick they kept robbing Dave and I blind of worms.

After about a 30 minutes of this I finally caught one.

Dave then put it live on his shark pole with a float.

That is what we call his really big fishing pole that he purchased many years ago at Cabela’s in the bargain basement.

We continue to fish for bait fish whilst we keep an eye on the float for the shark pole.

I finally catch 3 more bait fish.

Dave cuts one up into chunks and baits my white Big Game Pole and casts it waaaay out there for me.

He also baits another pole for himself.

Well it is getting on about 7pm.

When my pole tip does a little dip.

I get out of my chair and am just reaching for my pole.

When it takes a big lunge and comes up off the ground.

I quickly grab it and jerk for all I am worth.

My pole is bent double and my drag is zzz zzzzting.

Dave comes over while I am battling this fish and adjusts the drag.

The fish is coming towards shore so I reel up the slack and hang on for dear life.

Now he is near the shore to the left of me headed for a nice branch in the water to tangle himself in.

I pull back on the pole to redirect him away from it.

That is when the fish breaches the water and I see that it is a really good-sized northern pike.

All this time Dave is running along the bank yelling,


I calmly look over at him and say,

“Where’s the net?”

Dave runs, gets the net and places it in the water at the shores edge.

I reel and use the pole to direct the fish over the net.

Dave scoops him up and brings him up on the bank.

Now is the time  for my celebration.

I whoop, dance around and shout,


My PIKEI also caught two catfish.

David caught 3 catfish.

Three catfish were at least 12 to 14 inches and about a pound.

Dave caught one that was only 10 inches so he let him go.

David also caught this snapping turtle.


My feet started to get cold so I started packing and hauling stuff back up to the RV.

Dave soon followed suit.

Final Tally

Arlene: 4 bait fish, 2 catfish, and one  large size northern pike.

David: 3 catfish of which 2 were kept, and a nice size snapping turtle.

All will provide us with future meals.

We arrived back home at about 11pm.

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