Wednesday Night Fish Tally



We arrived at the pond at about 7pm.

The fish were biting well this night.

We were actually catching those bites too.

David was having a nice little run at about 1:00am.

Each fish he reeled in was a little bigger then  the last.

It was at about this time he says to me,

“Just one more Hon, this is too much fun, then we will pack it up.”

So he casts his line waaaay out there.

He sits down in his chair, after about 10 seconds he starts getting a little bit of pecking on his bait.

This continues then it  gently and slowly pulls the tip done.

Dave feels the fish moving away, so he jerks the pole back hard.

The hook is set and the battle is on!

The fish takes a run out to the center of the pond.

The line speeds of the reel with that beautiful ZZZZZT sound!

Then the fish stops and just squats as Dave says.

Dave gives the reel a couple a cranks and leans back with the pole.

The fish is off again, heading to Dave’s left and toward my pole.

No worries though it was far beyond my line, so no entanglements.

Dave is very excited he thought the fish was another 7 pounder.

The fish continues to ZZZZZTTT  its way to the left and Dave is walking the bank to keep up with it.

I ask Dave if this one is net worthy. He says Yes!

I just thought maybe we didn’t need it because we were right down on the water this night

and would be able to drag it right onto the bank.

So now I am following along behind with the net.

Dave has finally gotten it closer to the bank.

I am able to follow his line into the water with the flashlight.

The fish is about 15 feet in front of us when it swims over a branch in the water.

Dave then has to play see saw to get him over it.

The whole time he is  thinking “This is a really, really strong 7 pound fish.

Dave gets it over the branch.

I am still keeping the flashlight on the line.

The fish is now about 8 feet in front of us and we finally see it flash its belly.

The fish is finally close enough I start to wade out with the net but change my mind.

I turn to step back a little further on the bank.

I slip in the muddy bank falling on my butt.

I set the net in the water in front of me as Dave pulls the fish into the net.

I lift the net just high enough out of the water so it doesn’t escape.

Dave finally gets a good look at his fish it is waaay more than 7 pounds.

He takes the hook off his line and starts to lift the fish.

I am still sitting on the ground so it is right in my face.

I say, ” So is that about a 15 pounder!”

Dave says, “At least!”

He is so surprised he was still thinking it was just a strong 7 pounder until he saw it in the net!!

He then carries it net and all up to the Rv to put in the fish bin.

He had to use both hands, one on the handle of the net the other around the loop.

The fish barely fit in the bin!!

We finish packing up and head on home at 1:45 am!

We then bring “THE FISH” in and put it in the bathtub with some water.

We want to keep it alive until my daughter Kay, and son-in-law, Justin can see it!!

They are going to FREAK!

Ok Enough talking you are thinking .

So here it is!

The preliminary stats:

length 31 inches

Weight 17 pounds

Will post actual stats before it is cleaned.

Dave's BIG catfish5Here is the link to the Updated Stats and more photos:

The Update

What are your thoughts? :D

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