A Broken Pole and A Large Mouth Bass


We went fishing again late yesterday afternoon and evening. It was a pretty slow time. We eventually caught some bait fish to put on the big poles for pike fishing. David put a live one on his shark pole with a float. He put a cut up tail section of a bluegill on my white 6 foot 6 inches BIG GAME pole.He baited his self birthday gift of a white 7 foot BIG Game fishing pole with some beef liver and a small perch.

So the waiting began. I continued to fish for some bait fish with my small pole. I did catch a nice sized bluegill but we released it because we have not been eating them.

David came over to my chair and gave me a “KISS FOR LUCK”. That is a thing we do. Well it worked and fast. He was walking back over to his chair when out of the corner of his eye he sees my big pole’s tip take a little dip. He ran over and picked it up. I got out of my chair, came over and took my pole from him. I felt a good jerk so I jerked back. Then the line went ZZZZZT ZZZT screaming out across the lake. Then it stopped. So I started reeling and pulling, but alas the big fish had hunkered down and found himself a snag to hide in.

Well I pull, reel, and walk up the bank trying to get that fish. I even took some breaks sitting in my chair and giving the fish some slack hoping it might move and untangle itself from the snag. I was getting tired so I decided to let David try to horse that fish out. David is pulling and walking up the bank the pole is bent double when all of a sudden KERSNAP!!! MY POLE BREAKS IN HALF. The battle lasted about 40 minutes.

David believes it was a big big catfish by the way it reacted. So the catfish was the mighty warrior this day. He defeated two fishermen.

I now had no fishing pole for big fish catching. We had plenty of bait fish so I didn’t need to catch any more of those.  I spent a little while sitting with David talking. Then packed my stuff up and laid down in the RV. I was just dozing off when David was at the door handing in his stuff. He gave me his chair and walked back down to get his poles. I was shining my flashlight down the path for him from the doorway of the RV.

He picks up his pole, that had the live fish with the float, up he can not see the float anywhere. He reels in the slack and BAM! He has a fish on! I see him from the door way with his pole bent and he is walking the bank. So I come back down and grab the net. The fish splashed and jumped as it got close to the bank. David pulls the fish into the net.

                             It is a beauty of a large mouth bass! This trip ended on a high note at least.


The other good thing that came out of this trip was I got a brand new 7 foot fishing pole and new reel just like David’s. They are our birthday/anniversary presents to ourselves. So we would be able to tell the poles apart I picked a bright green 30 pound test line for mine. David has dark green 25 pound test line.


Broken Pole


New Pole


What are your thoughts? :D

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