He Just Stopped in The Driveway.


David and I had to go into town this morning. David went out to the pickup before I did. I was just closing the door when I looked up to see that David had come to an abrupt stop as he  neared the end of the truck. I approached with caution cause David doesn’t startle easily. He stopped because there were two snakes having a life and death battle. He wanted to make sure of the species so he did not get bitten.

The two snakes were a good-sized green snake and a small bull snake. I started to take pictures but that was no good as they kept moving. I did get the one clear shot that I used for the feature photo.

So I turned on the video. I filmed for about three minutes. Then we went on into town. When we got home about an hour and half later both snakes were gone.

The little bull snake did escape for a short time. I think we startled the green snake and he slithered under the truck’s rear wheel. David pulled the truck forward. The green snake then went on the hunt again for the bull snake. I edited the full video down. It picks up just after the green snake catches the bull snake again.


This is the video.

6 comments on “He Just Stopped in The Driveway.

  1. That is a baby bull – our’s is huge (yes, I have named her – Agnes- and she lives in our fruit garden! She chases out the nasty gophers that eat our roots in the winter. She is about 5″ around and as long as the width of our driveway (I almost ran her over one day – NOOOO!! Very proud of her as long as she keeps on keeping the rattlers away and stays out of the chicken coop – she will be here as long as I am here!

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    • I was sad that the green snake was making a meal of the bull snake. But such is nature. I don’t know if the green snake would take on a rattler though. We have lived at this location for 8 years and this summer is the first we have seen any type of snake around the house. We have also seen a 3 foot garder snake. He has been hanging around the strawberry patch. Then we see the green snake eating the bull snake.


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