He Can Hold A Pose


Fishing was really slow last night. I caught 2 bait sized bluegill, a six-inch bass that was released, and a tiny perch that was used as bait also. Those were my catches for the night. I did not have one bite, not even one tiny nibble, on my new pole that was baited with fish. David was not having much better luck then I. He was at least getting a couple of bites here and there. He had a really good bite on his pole with live bait and a float. He was unsuccessful at setting the hook so it got away.


So it was a good thing that this bull frog showed up to keep me entertained for a while.

We fished at this spot until 10 p.m. We moved to one of our other favorite spots that has always had good activity. I did not feel like dragging all my stuff out again so I just sat with David while he fished to keep him company and man the net if need be.

He was getting many bites on his medium pole that was baited with liver. They were little catfish that were just picking it up and pecking at it to get the bait off. It is hard to set the hook when the fish won’t leave the bait in its mouth long enough. He also had his new fishing pole out with a chopped up blue gill on it. The line on it would go slack but nothing else happened there.

I started to get tired about 11:30 p.m. so I went up to the RV. I took off my jacket and my boots, laid down on the couch and curled up under the fuzzy comforter. I heard David come in a couple of times to dump fish in the fish bin.

I woke up as David was bringing in his stuff to go home for the night. It was 2:15 am. We got everything situated and came home. David put the bait fish that were still alive in the stock tank. He added fresh water to the fish bin in the RV for the catfish. So at least one of us caught some fish last night.

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