David Caught Twins

And Justin Hooks Into A Big One!


David went fishing yesterday afternoon around 12:30pm.

Our son-in-law, Justin, joined him later in the afternoon.

David caught the first pike at around 4:15 pm. He caught the second at around 6:00 pm.

Dave northern 2

This is getting to be old hat catching these big fish this season. Now don’t get me wrong it is still very exciting each time you hook into one. The fight  is never the same and your heart is racing until you get it ashore. Your muscles could be aching depending how long the fight was, but it is the good ache of accomplishment.

Justin is still trying to get that big one. He was fishing for bait fish. He had just hooked one. Mind you he is fishing with a light to medium action pole. He is reeling in the little fish when all of a sudden BAM! A big fish hits as he is reeling. So he is pulling back his pole and reeling. Of course the pole is bent double. David is rushing to get the net ready. But alas the big fish was able to free himself. Justin was of course disappointed, but he got to feel the joy of the fight. Now Justin is usually a soft-spoken person of few words, but David said he talked about the fight afterword for 3 minutes without taking a breath. LOL David was just as excited he loves a good fish fight even if all he gets to do is watch and man the net.


What are your thoughts? :D

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