Sewing Project

And A Kitchen Disaster!


I was busy cleaning the kitchen this morning, when I was inspired to do a sewing project. After finishing my cleaning and doing some things on the computer I headed off to the bedroom to begin my project. I gathered my supplies and set them on the sewing machine cabinet while I looked in my material stash to see what I had for the project I had in mind. I had just picked out what I was going to use and was pinning it for cutting, when David comes in to tell me that he has spilled the bowl of soaking catfish fillets all over my kitchen floor that I had just mopped this very morning. I was a little upset, but glad that he had not fallen and hurt himself. So I went back out to the kitchen, helped wipe up the fish water, and mopped it again so the kitchen didn’t smell fishy. The fish fillets were rinsed off, good thing they fell on a clean floor. 🙂 They were oven baked for tonight’s dinner.

Ok, that was all taken care of so back to my project. I had no more interruptions and had it completed by supper time. So roughly it took me about 2 and a half hours to complete. I photographed my project as I went and captioned it for you. Enjoy! I did!




11 Mouse pad


What are your thoughts? :D

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