I Had An Awesome Day of Fishing!

It was my day to be champion fisherman. I started bait fishing about 2:30 pm. I was fishing with a float and worm near the surface. I caught  some bluegill but we wanted perch as they seem to be the prefered fish of the really big fish. I thought maybe the perch were hanging closer to the bottom, so I removed the float put on a split shot weight and just used the slip float. This got better results, I caught 3 perch. They were eight, nine, and ten inches long. I continued bait fishing moving up and down the bank.  My final tally for bait fish was 11 bluegill and the 3 perch. That gives me 14 catches I released 10 of the bluegill, used one for bait and brought the perch home to be cleaned for a later meal.

It is getting close to 4:00 pm now. David has just had a nice bite, but he was not able to set the hook. A few minutes later I get a very good bite, I set the hook! The fight is on! It feels like a pretty good-sized fish. It is swimming to the left, then to the right, now it is coming straight at me. I finally see it coming in. It looks like a bass. David has the net down and I pull the fish into it. David lifts it up and onto the bank. He picks it up to remove the hook. It is not a largemouth bass, but a smallmouth bass. This is the first time we have seen a smallmouth in the ponds.

It is a personal best record bass for me. I catch little 8 to 10 inch largemouth all the time. I was so excited that I had caught such a big bass even if it was a smallmouth.




When it got closer to dark I switched over to catfishing on the bottom with liver. I manage to catch 3 of them. We released the two smaller ones and brought the other one home to be cleaned for a later meal. I was now getting cold so I relinquished the liver pole to David, packed up my stuff and went to the RV. He was able to catch 7 catfish but they were all little punks so he released them all.

So the totals for this Thursday Fishing Trip:

Arlene Caught

11 Bluegill

3 perch

1 smallmouth bass

3 catfish

of these the perch, smallmouth bass and one catfish were brought home.

David caught

7 catfish all were released back into the pond.

So I was the Champion Today!


What are your thoughts? :D

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