Another Personal Best at Fishing Achieved

And I outfished David two days in a row!


I spent the afternoon hours catching bait fish. I did not keep track today but I caught at least 10 bluegill. I also caught a 10 inch largemouth bass. It is late afternoon see my float take a small dip then it pops back up and then nothing. I decide to check my bait.  I begin reeling it feels like something is on. I reeled in a small painted turtle. Some people call them sliders. I do not like to catch these turtles because they are just cute. They usually swim around and play with your float. It is entertaining on slow days. I was glad that David was able to get the hook out of his mouth. I was using a super small hook so it was not in very good. He was not a happy turtle. I took these photos before we let him go back in the pond.



I continued bait fishing for a little while longer. I asked David if he wanted to try for a while since I had caught a bunch. He was able to catch one good-sized bluegill. It was to big for bait purposes. He released it as we have not been eating them since we have been catching catfish and pike.

It is early evening now we have switched over to our Big Game poles. They are baited with fish and beef liver.

At 7:33 pm David decides to check his bait. He reels it in everything is ok so he casts it back out. I have a nice bite on my pole so I pick it up. I am preparing to start to reel if the line goes slack or I feel another nice bite. I don’t feel a nice bite, I feel the pole almost being jerked out of my hands and say “HOLY SHIT!” David has begun to reel in his line that he just cast out so the fish does not get tangled in his line. I keep the pole back and start reeling I can feel the fish moving from side to side in front of me. Then there is a second were it stops, I thought I lost it. I continue reeling the line goes tight again and the fish is fighting again. Now he is headed to some tall reeds to my right so I pull him to the left and reel like crazy. David has the net down, I reel and pull him over the net.David scoops him up! It is 7:37 pm.

Woo hooo! he is a big one. The biggest one I have ever caught!

He was 26 inches long and weighed 8 pounds!


Twenty minutes later we repeated the whole process again but this catfish was just a little 15 incher. Oh, and no cursing was involved in this fish fight.

After that I didn’t get any good bites just a couple of little pecks and jerks. David also had some. He also had a really good hit but the fish just stole his bait and swam off.

Suddenly I heard some splashing in the water just to the left of my chair. I picked up my flashlight and shined it beside my chair to see what was making all the fuss. It was a bull frog but as I was moving the light around I discover there were two bull frogs.


My feet were cold by 9:09 so I went up to the Rv. David followed about 15 minutes later. We stowed all the gear and came home.

What are your thoughts? :D

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