Is That A Dog?

Nope, it’s a calf!


While we were fishing on Thursday, I happened to glance up at the road. What I thought was a very large dog was actually a yearling calf. It was just walking along the road stopping here and there to eat. There are some pastures around the ponds. Someone may have left a gate open or this calf was a jumper. It may have decided the grass was greener on the other side of the fence or just wanted to take a nice walk around the pond. It was on the road for sometime but it eventually wandered off out of my sight. We did see it again as we were leaving the ponds at about 10:15 pm. This was  an unusual site so I took a few snap shots. They are not the best, every time I had a good shot the calf would move. It was not a good model, just couldn’t hold a pose at all. As a fellow blogger at “I Refuse to Follow Your Blog” would say, that calf was pathetic.



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