Sully Saturdays # 1

I thought since I made an About Page for Sully I should let him do a post from time to time.


Hello, I am Sully Buggy Boy Didier but you can just call me Sully. Mom is the only one that ever uses my full name. I am sure you have seen me around here on my mom’s blog. She decided that I could post a post for you. So this is my first go at it. I thought I would start off with how I came about having such a long name.

It all began back in the early part of the year 2006, I was living in a courtyard at a hotel. (I learned what it was called later but at the time it was just outside the big building.) When this blonde human girl came out to visit me one day. She tried to come near me, but I would run just out of her reach. Then she held something out towards me. It smelled divine. She asked me if I would like some cheese. That must be what that divine smell was. I came over slowly and carefully grabbed the cheese then ran away again to eat it. She continued to visit me in the courtyard almost everyday. She started calling me Sully when she visited. She would bring me more cheese, or chicken or lunchmeat. I was starting to get use to her and was even letting her pet me. Sometimes she would bring another blonde girl with her that she called Mom.

I had seen the girl and her mom go into the big building a lot. I got lonely one evening and thought I would go find them in the big building. When someone opened one of the doors I ran in. I looked everywhere but could not find the girl or her mom. There were other people in the building they were nice to me but then they put me back outside. I guess I was not supposed to be in the big building. That is when the hotel manager told the girl that she should take me home or he was going to call animal control on me.

The girl brought a cat crate to the courtyard and convinced me to get inside. She then took me into the big building. She put me in a place she called the basement. I did not like being in the cat crate or the basement. I let everyone know it too. They took me home when they had finished work. I did not like riding in the noisy car thing.

The girl let me out of the cat crate on the front porch where she showed me the food and water bowls. It was very different at this outside. I did a little exploring but as night came on I hid in the grape vines. The girl and the rest of the family thought I had run off at first but Dad saw me hiding. As the days went on I got more comfortable with my new outside. I would run, play, and chase bugs then eat them. So Dad called me Buggy. I still answered to Sully too. We lived at this outside until April of 20o7. We moved to a new outside that had fields on both sides, a dirt road for the noisy car things and a little further was a paved highway for the noisy car things.

I was allowed to roam the fields and have many adventures. I was always called in to the little house just before dark or a little after. Dad and my human brother would call and call for me. They even whistled for me like a dog. (I think I am one 64th dog, because I would come to a whistle.) But I would not come in until Mom came out whistled for me and then yelled SULLY BUGGY BOY!! So, with this particular cat anyway, if your full name is used by your Mom, you know you are in trouble and better answer and get your tail home.

And that is how I got my name.

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