How I Keep My Crochet Items Organized

I Use A Book Binder.

I bought an old photo album binder at the Senior Citizens Garage Sale to replace the beat up one that I had been using. The garage sale is in the same building as the Senior Citizens Center and is open every Friday and Saturday from 9 am  to 3 pm except holiday weekends. The Senior Ladies run it. All items sold  have been donated. Usually stuff that doesn’t sell at individual yard and garage sales around town ends up here. This is also where I get some of my yarn when I don’t buy it at Walmart.

I also purchased some colored plastic dividers and two new pocket folders for my new binder. I was getting too many patterns to keep in just the two that I had.

So on to the photo journey of my Book Binder.

These are the different sections I have in the binder. The dividers and the title tabs.

These are the inside labels of each of the four pocket folders I have.

These are the item description pages I make for each item I crochet.

In case you can not read the titles, they are as follows.











The first section is for the pattern name, designer, and web page.

Second section is the name I give to the item.

Third and Fourth sections are self explanatory.

The fifth section is where I list all the colors used by number, name and company. The weight and yardage of the skein and material the skein  is made of.

I take all the measurements down so that I can list them in My Ebay descriptions.

The size is also for My Ebay description.

The weight is for shipping purposes on Ebay.

And then of course the list price for sale.

So now all this info is at my fingertips when I go to list a new item on Ebay. I am also using it to put my items on just as another place to keep them. I don’t know if I could actually list them for sale there. I know you can sell yarn. I can understand selling materials there, but would other crocheters buy already finished items by another crocheter? I will just look into it further one of these days.

I also have two labels that I use when I package the items I sell for shipping.

I found these at the Senior Citizens Garage Sale. They are little address sticker labels. I found  3 unopened and one opened packages all for a dollar. I then went to to the template page. You can print it yourself or they will do it and deliver to you. I typed up my info and printed it out on the stickers myself.

The little bear stickers I bought and printed my info on.

The little bear stickers I bought and printed my info on.

I also have made two different Allergy Warning inserts as you know my assistant is Sully, my cat.

This is a crochet item all ready packaged, waiting to be sold, and then put in an envelope for shipping.

Wrapped and ready for shipping

Wrapped and ready for shipping

All items are washed as soon as I have enough to make a small load, then they are dried.

I package them up this way after they are dry so they do not get all cat haired up again waiting to be sold on Ebay. Before we started relisting again on Ebay, I took my whole inventory up to the care home I  worked at. I was able to sell an item and took orders for two more. The lady that bought my coffee bumpy beanie wanted some matching wrist warmers. The other was for a summer hat with brim in black with a white”hat band”. I did the made to order for them because they were local and my friends. You really can’t do that on Ebay.

Well I hope you enjoyed your journey through my Crochet Book Binder. Maybe you can start your own binder or two or three. 🙂

3 comments on “How I Keep My Crochet Items Organized

  1. I have checked into Etsy,but my husband already had an account with Ebay so we just added me to it as skrappyskarves.
    I thought it was time to update my allergy warning. I wanted to make it a little more personal and a bit more professional looking. What better way to add a personal touch then get the warning from the acctual cat in the home.
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions ladies. 🙂

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  2. I love your Sully’s Allergy warning label, so cute and informative. I also like Tessa’s suggestion to check out Etsy. I think it would be a good place for you to market your hand made with love items.

    Liked by 1 person

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