My Mother’s Granny Square



I while back I was “talking” with a fellow crocheting blogger about her progress on a granny square blanket she was near to completing. I told her about how my mother just crocheted one giant square many years ago for a blanket.

It has gotten colder here now. So I decided to dig out the big granny square to put on the bed. It needed freshened up, so I washed it up first, as it had been in the linen closet.

I actually stole this from my mom. She was going to put it out on a yard sale one day. I liked it too much for it to be sold. Another reason I took it was she had stopped crocheting because of allergies. I wanted another item she had made besides the twin sized blanket she made for me as a little girl. So I just picked it up and took it home. She always wondered what happened to it. Some years later she came to visit and saw it on the couch. She then told me about how she thought some garage saler had taken it all those years ago.


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