Sully Saturdays # 2

How I found my Place in the House.


I liked my new home with the girl, her mom, dad and brother. I got to go outside, chase bugs, and go for walks with the girl and boy to what they called the park. I was let in the house at night along with the other cat Punky. She was always with the girl when we were in the house. I learned the reason we had to come in at night was because of something called a racoon, would eat the cat food if they left it on the porch. So we came in to eat at night and stayed in until morning. Now there were 3  of us cats in the house.


 As I mentioned there was Punky who hung around the girl a lot.

There was also Feisty, she hung around the boy.


So at night I would wander around the house looking for a good place to bed down. I would try to go sleep with the girl but Punky was there. She would hiss at me and smack me in the face with claws out . Ok, I can’t sleep with the girl. So I tried to sleep with the boy, but Feisty was there. She hissed and smacked me in the face with claws out too. I continued to wander through the house, I found my way to mom and dad’s bedroom. I jumped up on the bed. No other cat here. No yelling to get down or go away. So I curled up on mom’s chest and went to sleep.

I had found my place in the house. I would be mom and dad’s cat.

What are your thoughts? :D

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