All Together Now,

The Coral, Paradise, and Fruit Punch Set Is Now Complete!


Coral Paradise Fruit Punch Set 13

I finished the other wrist warmer on the 27th of September. Just got around to taking some photos today. I also was adding captions using Paintbrush. I like to do this to my photos that I use in my Ebay listings. That way if people just look at the pictures all the details are there. The Buyer can’t say it was not as described. I also take photos of the items with a measuring tape. I have also learned to use the word “approximately ” in the descriptions too. I learned to do all of this from the first beanie I sold, because we do not do returns the gal said it was not same colors as the photo at first, then she said it didn’t fit. We offered her a partial refund and she could keep the beanie and gift it to someone else. She never took the refund and kept the hat as far as I know.

It is hard to choose which photos to use for the listings when I sell a matching set like this. I am on a tight budget. So we use the monthly free listings and any free listing specials that Ebay runs.  So you only get 12 free photos for each listing .

I have 13 photos now that I want to use. I like to include some of the beanie and the scarf being worn. I think it helps give an idea of the beanie size if they see it actually on someone’s head, namely mine. There was a photo of me wearing the hat with that above listing, but no measuring tape photos. I also like to include the Allergy Warning photo. So I have some work cut out for myself.

I think I will combine the photos in Paintbrush like I did this one of the wrist warmers.

Coral Paradise Fruit Punch Set 12

Hopefully by doing this I can get it down to the 12 photos and still get all the info, the items being worn , and the allergy warning.


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