Butternut and Ham Bake

A Healthy Dish


On Thursday October 8,2015 I posted a couple of photos of the squash that David had harvested. Laura over at Laura Z Knits commented that she liked baked acorn squash, but she wanted to know what I did with the butternut. I told her in a reply that I baked them with some ham pieces. I gave her just a brief explanation of what I did. Thank you, Laura for the inspiration for this post.

Well yesterday David was looking at the butternut squashes stored in the pantry and he dropped one. It split on its little bottom. So I knew what I would be making for dinner tonight. So I thought I would make a photo tutorial of how I prepared the butternut squash and ham bake.


Things you will need:

1 butternut squash

1 package of smoked spiral ham slices and pieces. We purchase this at Wal-Mart in the meat section by the ham. You could also use leftover ham from a previous meal.

1 medium onion or 2 small onions.

1 teaspoon of jarred garlic or a clove or two of fresh.


Ground pepper corns

Onion powder

Garlic powder

1/4 cup melted bacon grease or olive oil or melted butter which ever you have handy

A vegetable peeler

A large thick bladed knife

A small vegetable knife for cutting onions and ham pieces

A teaspoon for scooping out squash seeds and stringy meat.

Large Glass Baking dish-mine is a 10 x 15 inches

And one Rubber Headed Mallet– Oh, Don’t worry too much about the strange look your husband or significant other might give you when you ask them to borrow a rubber mallet from the garage or tool box.

You handle their reaction however you see fit. 😀



Now on with the Show!

And there you have it. You could add other vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, or even some green beans the last 15 minutes of baking. You could also add milk or  heavy cream to make it like scalloped potatoes and ham. You could even put some shredded cheese on top. I am sure this would work great in a crock pot on low cooking all day while you are at work. So take what I have given you here and let your creative juices flow.


3 comments on “Butternut and Ham Bake

  1. Looks fantastic, Arlene! And your instructions and photo illustrations are perfect for showing the steps. Because we travel full-time in an RV, making some things is tricky in such small space, so we do eat out more meals than we did before we RV’d. Only once in a restaurant have I found a good squash dish (and it was with zuccini) — now that I’ve seen the steps for making this, I have a better idea of why that is. (Excuse me now why I try to hunt down something to eat that’s as good as your dish looks!)

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