Have You Ever Wondered

how many bugs, spiders, or flies you may have swallowed while sleeping?


Well I was doing just that last night in bed. I snore as you may now know from my earlier post. So I was thinking most snorers lie there with their mouths wide open. You don’t neccessarly have to be a snorer either. It could be one of those times where for no apparent reason your mouth is hanging open and you wake up with a puddle of drool on your pillow. Also when you have a cold your nose may be plugged up so you are breathing through your mouth while you sleep.

I mean any number of kinds of little crawling or flying bugs could find their way into your mouth. It is like their own personal warm moist cave they can hide in.

But then the cave entrance just slaps shut all of a sudden and they are flung down your throat by you taking a breath. You cough a bit in your sleep and there you have it, you have just swallowed that bug.

Capture spiderCapture fly

Just a little extra protein before breakfast.

What are your thoughts? :D

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