Sully Saturdays # 3

I was all settled with my new family. I had  found my place was to be mom and dad’s cat. I loved it there. I had the best of both worlds. I got to go outside all day to play with bugs, chased Punky around, Feisty didn’t go outside, or went to the park with the kids. I got to come in at night for food and a warm bed to sleep in. I didn’t have to sleep out in the cold in a storm drain anymore.   >^_^<

One night not long after I started sleeping with mom and dad, I heard something in the room on the floor. I jumped off the bed to investigate. I saw a small furry creature with a long tail and glowing little beady eyes. I started to stalk it, it saw me and started to run. I gave chase it was fast and tricky, but I caught it.

This is what the furry creature looked like.

This is what the furry creature looked like.

I was so proud of my self. I decided to show mom what I have caught. I jumped up on the bed. I walked up mom and dropped the furry thing on her chest. She woke up, saw  the furry thing, and flicked the blanket sent it back to the floor. I jumped down again chased it around and caught it again. That was fun, so I gave it back to mom, she flicked it again. Whoo hoo, I was off again!

Well mom was yelling at me by this time. I thought she was just being encouraging. Dad was finally waking up to all the commotion too. I jumped up on the bed and dropped the furry creature on mom for a third time. She flicked it on the floor again. Dad got up and had a shoe in his hand. He saw the furry creature and he smacked it with the shoe. It didn’t move anymore. He picked it up, took it to the bathroom, and flushed it down the toilet.

I guess mom was tired of playing the game.

sad cat

What are your thoughts? :D

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