It Might Be a Good Idea

To check and update links in old posts and your blog roll.


I was looking at my stats  and noticed I had a couple of links that were clicked. So I clicked them to see if they were still working properly. Those two were.

I was also updating my Crochet Items Gallery and came across some links that no longer went to where they were supposed to go. It was no fault of mine. One was for the beard beanie I made for my son-in-law the actual site for the pattern still worked, but the one did not. So I removed that link in the blog that it was associated with. That instance may have been due to the writer of the pattern removing their pattern from that site.

The other one was for a funky hat pattern. THe link for the one took you to their description and photo but when you clicked their link to the pattern writers page the pattern was not there and you could click on two other of her sites. I did some more digging into these sites and found she no longer offers the pattern for free. Now I get why they don’t work both the sites I used to get this pattern were free.

I find it a little annoying myself when I click on a link and it doesn’t go where it is supposed to. So I will try to keep that from happening here on my blog so I don’t annoy all my fine readers. 🙂

So maybe it would be a good idea to  have a maintenance day for your blog once every couple of months and include this as an item to attend to.

One comment on “It Might Be a Good Idea

  1. Good idea, been thinking about it, but between 2 blogs I have about 1500 posts and I know a lot of my prompt posts no long link up, but I am so busy writing right now that I don’t have much time for clean up. Really want to do it, plus I changed themes a lot and a lot of colors in the post don’t match anymore. I try not to use colors anymore incase I want to change again.

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