A WIP and A Frogged


It is getting closer to Christmas so I decided I would try to get a little Christmas Gift bag done to put on my Ebay.


I really liked this Red Christmas bag I made some time back.

2 Red Christmas Gift Bag

Cable Heart Gift Bag By: Tamara Kelly from Moogly

So I am using the same pattern, but this time I am doing it in green. I think I will line the inside of this one also. I think I will do this by sewing material squares to the crocheted pieces before I seam the bag together rather than making a bag out of the material than sewing it to the crochet bag.


Now onto the frogged item.

Blair over at The Shameful Sheep commented on Martin’s Santa Suit how she liked the booties (again this pattern was from an ebook on amazon by Emily Nelson) and how she would not be opposed to having an adult sized pair of them. 😀 Little did she know when she posted that comment I also had thought the same thing. She reminded me that I had my first attempt sitting in the storage bin in the closet.

The Bootie Attempt


I say attempt because as you can see from the last photo the bootie didn’t fit. If I were an eight or ten year old girl again it might have fit. I didn’t make it long enough. My heel is actually in the side of the bootie. If I had gotten it long enough it probably would have been fine. I will be unraveling this one and start from scratch. I might also crochet with two strands together for the sole. The sole stretched out and was thin and holey. I will probably do that sometime after I finish the Green Christmas Gift Bag.



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