It Came to a Screeching Halt!

I was happily sewing the linings on to my gift bag pieces this evening.

When everything came to a screeching Halt!

( There was not really any screeching it just sounds more dramatic to say that. )

My sewing machine belt broke! 😦


So I bring the broken belt to show David.

He says guess you better get on ebay so we can order a new one.

We found one, it could take a week to get here.


I was just about finished with the 3rd piece too.

I could finish it by just turning the wheel by hand.

I don’t think I want to do a whole piece by hand though.

I guess I could do a beanie or two until it arrives.

I do need to get some more men’s sized beanies made for sale.

5 comments on “It Came to a Screeching Halt!

  1. Ah that’s too bad! 😦 My mom just had to repair two sewing machines (the one she uses and an old one of her grandmothers), and the person who does the repairs got sick so it took almost three weeks! She does a ton of quilting so luckily there was a lot of things she could work on by hand until they were fixed. Hope yours gets fixed soon!

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