A Beanie to Match

My daughter really liked Martin’s baby blanket that I crocheted for him. She really liked the stitch that I used.

The pattern is Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blanket by Tamara Kelly

A very close up view so you can see the stitches and edging better.

A very close up view so you can see the stitches and edging better.

She liked it so much she wished I could make a beanie that would match the blanket. Well not long after she had told me that. I was surfing the internets when lo and behold I found the link to the beanie pattern. So I got right on making a beanie.

44a Martin's matching beanie Colored

This was made to match his blanket.
Leaping Stripes and Blocks Beanies by Tamara Kelly
I didn’t use the brim for this pattern I did 4 rows of single crochet to match the edging on his blanket.

When I dropped off the beanie, my daughter said she really liked it. Also this beanie actually fit Martin properly. The pumpkin beanie was a bit small and his Santa hat was a tad big. This one was just right. (Kinda sounds like we are in Goldilocks and the Three bears there doesn’t it. LOL) So now she wants a beanie in this pattern for herself. Good thing Tamara has the adult pattern too! It might be a while before I get to it though.


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