Nick’s Coozie Frisbee


Not all of the items I crochet end up for sale. I have gifted many to family members. My son is not much of a hat wearer so it has been a challenge to find things for him. I don’t want him to feel left out. I was able to make him a pair of wrist warmers as he thought the ones I made for myself and daughter were neat. I found this cool pattern for a coozie frisbee. Since he is interested in playing frisbee golf I crocheted one up for him. I used several shades of green as that is his favorite color. Towards the end of the pattern I got tired of carrying the yarn along for just one stitch then three stitches of the other color. So I just finished it off in solid color rounds. When I finished it, I gave it to my son. He thought it was great, but the shape was a little off. So he stretched it over one of his plastic frisbee golf frisbees. I told him to wet it with the spray bottle and let it dry. It is now the correct shape. I also can’t yell at him if he throws it in the house cause it is yarn. 🙂

Coozie Frisbee pattern.


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