Sully Saturday #5



I was too big for even a large kitty collar. So Mom bought me a red medium size dog collar even at its smallest it was to big. It was ok though it worked well with my vest she bought for when we went RVing last year. She wanted to be able to take me outside for fresh air and exercise. And most parks require pets to be on a leash.

My Red Collar while RVing.

So this year we did not go RVing and my store-bought collar was getting kind of rough from me scratching at it. Since Mom started this crocheting thing. I have been quite helpful. I don’t really have a use for money. So she seems to be paying me in collars. So Mom made me a nice orange and black one. She cut the red one up and used the hardware from it.

After a while I scratched this one into a fuzzy looking mane.

So she cut this one up and reused the hardware once again. This time she made a blue and white one.

The first picture is of the blue and white one brand new. The second picture is it just a month ago. Mom decided it was time for a new collar.


This time being it is now December she tried something different. So I would have a collar appropriate for the Christmas season she made this one out of a variegated red white and green. She measured my neck and mad it just slightly bigger and wider than a normal collar. She then slip stitched the ends together and just slipped it over my head. Of course I had to act all bad and attack her as she did so. 🙂 It was more like a neck cuff or maybe one of those cowl thingys I see in her crochet books. But I nearly have this one all scratched to a fuzzy mess too.

Mom said she would make me a new one with the hardware again after Christmas is over. I haven’t decided what color I want this time or maybe just another cowl but slightly narrower than my Christmas cowl.

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