Christmas Additions to the Yarn Stash and a Couple of WIPs

Nick got me yarn for Christmas!


I have been wanting to do another scarf as  the name of my Ebay and Facebook page is Skrappy Skarves.

Links to both can be found in the blog roll.

I wanted to try something different. So when I came across this pattern I knew I had to give it a go.

Scoodie – Hooded Scarf With Pockets Free Crochet Pattern by Sara at Posh Pooch Designs

I am using 3 different shades of solid purples and a purple grey variegated.

0356 Amethyst Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo


0550 Bright Orchid Red Heart Super Saver accent

Bright Orchid

0575 Hyacinth Red Hear Super Saver accent


3972 Mulberry Mix

Mulberry Mix

 I have the hood part finished. I am now working on the scarf.

The Scoodie in progress photo

Purple hooded scarf

I will post better photos when it is finished.

The other in progress item is some more cat cowls. (Yes, I was getting bored with the scarf.)

They are quick, easy to do, and it would get rid of a lot of the small scrap balls I have.

My daughter has two cats so I thought I would make some for them too.

I also was thinking  I could make a bunch and sell three together in a lot on Ebay.

We shall see.

A fiished orange one. The other is a red white and blue variegated I think I wll trim with blue.

A finished orange one. The other is a red white and blue variegated I think I will trim with blue.

7 comments on “Christmas Additions to the Yarn Stash and a Couple of WIPs

      • Thank you, Arlene. I am aware of Walmart and many other places. Believe me, I HAVE LOOKED ON THE INTERNET UNTIL I AM BLUE. This color has been discontinued and this is the story about trying to acquire 1 skein or less for my brother. This is the message I put out to several people who have some but said they did not want to part with it. Some have only one skein and this is what he needs to finish. my message to anyone who would be willing to sell one skein or less and ship it to my brother. I will pay however you want within reason: the message about my brother’s problem is –I know you say you are not interested in selling this last skein of Red Heart – Bright Orchid, color 0550 you have. I have a brother who is a senior and he crochets. He has been working on a granny square afghan for some time now and is down to the final squares. He ran out of this color and cannot finish without a little more. He needs much less than 1 Skein and we are desperately looking for 1 skein or part of a skein for him so he can finish his project. Would you consider selling this to me for him?


        • I am sorry but I no longer have any of the 0550 Bright Orchid Super Saver accent. I used it all in the hooded scarf that was made 4 years ago. Sorry I could not be of help.


What are your thoughts? :D

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