Crazy for Cat Cowls


As you know I have been making  Sully some Cat Cowls. I decided to make some for my daughter, Kay’s two kitties, Mina and Larz. I knew the exact colors I would use for Mina’s cowl. I was not sure about the colors for Larz. I decided to just make up a few in different colors and then let Kay pick one for Larz.

We went to her house yesterday and she picked one that was striped with two shades of orange for him. I put it on for him. He just loved it! He walked around rubbing on everything. He was acting all sexy in his new cowl.


Photo provided by Kay Thank you.

Photo provided by Kay, Thank you.

Two shades of scrap orange were used.

Hook size: G/6 – 4.25mm

Stitch: Single Crochet

11 x 2 inches


Now Mina is a different story. She does not like to wear collars. Kay says she usually has them taken off within a day or two, so she doesn’t try to keep one on Mina. I thought maybe a cowl would be different. Kay did manage to get Mina’s cowl on her, unlike Larz she ran and hide. Her’s was Bon Bon Print with black trim. You can’t even see the trim, it blends in so well with her fur. She is not an all black kitty. She does have patches of white fur on her chest and her feet.

 Black and Bon Bon Print

Hook Size: F/5 – 3.75 mm

Stitch: SC and DC alternating on same row.

9 x 1 1/4 inches


So I still have eight Cat Cowls. I have been taking photos and captioning them for use on Ebay. I think I will sell them individually rather than as a lot of 3 or 4. This way the person can get the one they want.

Photo Gallery of the other Cat Cowls


What are your thoughts? :D

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